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For over 20 years Maccabi Ukraine carries out extensive work in the field of informal Jewish education , culture and sports. The organization aims to improve the quality of life as members of the Jewish community in Ukraine , as well as other citizens , regardless of their nationality .

Maccabi Ukraine unites more than three million active members , representing all regions of the country. Our organizations work in most regions of Ukraine.

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Volunteer project “Heritage – 5781″

From 8 to 15 August, 25 Maccabi volunteers from all over Ukraine took part in the educational, volunteer project “Heritage – 5781″ focused on study, preservation and restoration of the Jewish heritage.237469127_4403220813074669_2701799931606122459_n

  Thanks to the invaluable support of Shalom Corps, the World Maccabi Union and Maccabi Europe, our volunteers have got to see firsthand the Jewish places where things have been hamming for hundreds of years, to discover the history of the cities of origins of million Jews who now resided around the world, to feel the inspiration for Jewish artists, writers and poets, to study the material evidence of an era that was irretrievably burned down in the fire of the Holocaust. We got acquainted with the Jewish heritage of Lvov and Chernivtsi. Continue reading Volunteer project “Heritage – 5781″

Information on the ECM Leadership Program

We are very excited to be contacting you about Maccabi Europe Future Leaders Forum.
 Today we launch the membership for this very special programme and encourage you to get involved!
 Future refers to ensuring the success and succession of the Maccabi movement and communities around the world. To sustain a strong Jewish community, we need strong leaders who want to be involved. The FLF aims to grow, nurture, and develop such people who have a passion for their community. 
Leaders refers to those people aged between 18 to 38 who stand out and take initiative in their communities, this can be professionally and within Maccabi. We also look to business and professional mentors who can inspire our Maccabi leaders. Our leaders are people who want to receive from our community but also prepared and eager to give back to support their people, community and Maccabi.
Forum refers to the environment we create our seminars and activities. We encourage true friendship and connections through authentic interactions and meetings. FLF is about feeling at home and like family with your peers and fellow leaders. We allow our talented leaders to explore themselves and shine throughout the seminar, supporting their skills and confidence. FLF facilitates workshops, panels, lectures and trips to inspire, motivate and grow our talent.
 Maccabi Europe Future Leaders Forum Core Values – “We take Ownership and Responsibility in all that we do. We work together as a team. We follow a strict conduct and vision to achieve the targets/objectives. We follow good Morals and Ethical Values at all times in a safe environment. We have trust in ourselves and faith in the team.”
 Membership will allow a leader to be the first to receive invitations to exclusive events, connect with the Maccabi community in Europe and beyond, and of course learn, develop & share.
 Whether you see potential in an athlete and want them to take the next step with you or you have a current leader you want to develop, this is for them!
To sign up, go to  The participants should sign themselves up, so please send this on.
Attached is our flyer, we would be grateful if you shared this around and posted onto your socials.
Please note that any sign up we have, we will confirm with their local TO before approval. This programme is to help you grow your team and get the best out of your young and upcoming leaders.
If you have any questions, please contact Maccabi Europe Future Leaders Forum Chair – Yvie
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News of regional organizations. Maccabi Zaporizhzhya

On November 1, taking advantage of the fact that it was still possible to gather offline, members of Maccabi Zaporozhye did not miss this opportunity and, observing all precautions, held a lesson at the local Jewish Sunday school “Yahad-Maccabi” representing a book of the Project PJ Library – “King Solomon and the Bee” for children 5-6 years old.


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Fare+ ВАО

Maccabi Movement Representatives Discuss Discrimination in Sports

5759 ME Logo v8_Original CopyrightThe All-Ukrainian Association of Maccabi Organizations has already joined the #FootballPeople 2020 week 5 times. FootballPeople Week is the largest campaign for social change in global football, and the fight for social inclusion and equality, against discrimination and racism.

Despite the challenges we face this year in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, on October 18, 2020 Maccabi Ukraine, together with the Maccabi European Confederation, held a panel discussion – “Equal Dreams – Equal Opportunities”, which took place as part of the #footballpeople action week, with the support of FARE.Безымянный

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