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Maccabi Odessa, Chanukah Dance Festival


December 12, 2015 a festival of Jewish dance, dedicated to the holiday of Chanukah, took place in Odessa.

The festival was attended by a large number of amateur dance groups of different ages.image-e909c5b6f8bd0eafade7993927c7e0c5f739efb66f1978f1d9a54696b375e53f-V

The festival performers had to present Jewish folk and modern dances.image-ada5bec6c2820161c25374b614804e8bdd94c8e81de2a5e918ee6df302a0139e-V (2)

The festival was organized by Maccabi Odessa with the assistance of Hillel Youth Center and with the support of the Israeli Cultural Center.

Given the positive experience of this first event, the organizers decided to make it a tradition..