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Project “Memory”

On  11th March , in the Melitopol city, a regular meeting was held within the framework of the “Memory” project, which was held by the All-Ukrainian Association of Maccabi Organizations. Ten members of the Berdyansk Jewish community came to the meeting who showed interest in the project, and who are interested in preserving the memory of the Holocaust.  This project is supported by the Genesis Foundation, a graduate of one of the sections of the international conference “The Holocaust and Jewish Identity – New Directions in Jewish Education”, held in Yad Vashem in 2016 by Viktoria Dyakova.

Collected materials – stories, memories, family photos will be included in the collection: “The history of my Jewish family”.

Our duty is to perpetuate the memory of  the Holocaust victims, to return the name to every deceased, so that today’s youth remember this always to prevent such a tragedy in the future.


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