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Maccabi FunRun Seminar in Athens

January 17-20, the annual seminar for the organizers of the European Fun Run events, organized by the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC), was held in Athens, Greece.50323482_10156566150057489_5009047643804925952_n (2)85AD6BEF-B458-4B61-B440-9D339A1466A8 (2)

Maccabi Ukraine was represented by the Chairman of the Board Victoria Dyakova and the Head of Maccabi Zaporozhye, Valentina Dyleva. They shared their experience in organizing FunRun events in 4 cities in Ukraine.074173EF-3985-4C8C-BB2F-B3AB26BB80D1 (2)

“We have been participating in this project for years, and the European experience of our colleagues, who have been very successful in this case, is very important for us. We always have something to learn from our colleagues, we are discovering new approaches to the organization of sporting events and volunteer activities. Many thanks to the organizer, and the EMC support for the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills necessary for our work in Ukraine, ”said Victoria Dyakova.

The Maccabi Volunteers of Ukraine are not going to stop there, and this year they intend to involve more cities in the Fun Run!