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Representatives of the Yahad-Maccabi School at an international children’s conference in Poland

October 27 – November 1, 2019 several students of the Zaporozhye Jewish Sunday School “Yahad-Maccabi” took part in the international game conference in Warsaw with the Resource Center for Jewish Education and the Olympics “Erudaika.” The participants could socialize, take part in various  daily sessions and intellectual games. This was a great opportunity for teens to get to know each other, change their type of activity, and learn new forms of training.vm

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Zaporozhye. Fall Holidays at the Jewish Sunday School “Yahad-Maccabi”

A chess tournament and a drawing competition dedicated to the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot took place at the Yakhad – Maccabi Jewish Sunday School in Zaporozhye.рш-1

The referee of the tournament , Yevgeny Katz, welcomed and congratulated the young chess players and their parents.

The President of Maccabi Zaporozhye, Valentina Dyleva, told the audience about the history of chess, emphasizing how useful it is to study and improve in chess art at a very young age, because those who are seriously interested in this intellectual game are people who have, above all, an extraordinary mind , excellent memory and developed logical thinking.

In between matches, various quizzes and contests were held for participants.

 Young artists showed their paintings to the auidience. At the end of the event, all the participants, regardless of the results, were awarded with sweet treats.

Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run in Odessa

September 22, Odessa hosted a large sporting event, the Fun Run. Three years have passed since Maccabi Ukraine has joined this international initiative. Numerous mass events were held in all regions of Ukraine. Only this year Maccabi Fun Run events were already held in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Kherson.22-09-2919 Одесса 322-09-2919 Одессас 2

Maccabi Fun Run is an international day for Jewish communities and sports. This program helps strengthen ties between Jewish communities, as well as their members, and the union of Jewish organizations.

The Maccabi Fun Run program in Odessa was supported by the Hesed Shaarei Zion Charitable Foundation and local Maccabi organizations; it brought together more than 200 participants.

22-09-2919 Одесса 1.

22-09-2919 Одесса 4

Thsports festivalbegan with a welcoming speech by the Chairman of the European Maccabi Confederation, Mordecai Tichauer. Among the honored guests were Yakov Zheleznyak (Olympic champion, multiple world, European and USSR champion in shooting, Honored Master of Sports) and Maccabiah games champions Ilya Koval and Artem Barduk

On this day all the participants had the opportunity to test themselves in various sports, but the most important thing were the races, where everyone chose their own distance. The youngest athlete was a three-year-old Alina.

All participants were awarded with prizes with symbols prepared by the sponsor of the Maccabi Fun Run program around the world – ROBIN RUTH.

Maccabi-Zaporozhye celebrated the Day of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine

September 15 the Zaporozhye Sunday Jewish School “Yahad-MAKKABI” celebrated the Day of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine. During the event, young people were able to participate in master classes in 14 sports, as well as try their hand at three competitions: arm wrestling, powerlifting and cross fit.



“The purpose of the event was to attract young people to an active lifestyle, disconnect them from their smartphones and show to them that sport is life.

The participants were welcomed by the Chairwoman of Maccabi Ukraine – Victoria Dyakova.

Maccabi Nikolaev in the FAMILY CAMP 2019 program

Maccabi is one of the highlights of the FAMILY CAMP of the Nikolaev regional Jewish community.IMG_7247

All teams participate in it, all ages and the most incredible sports are involved. This day is carefully prepared by the volunteers, taking into account the specifics of the participants, the selection of sites and equipment.IMG_7246

It is symbolic that this program was held during the days of the 15th European Maccabi Games in Budapest. The lit torch signaled the start of the competition, and all the teams rushed to victory. And the festive end of this day became a sign that friendship won!