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Maccabi Ukraine continues a series of training seminars

On November 5, 2017, the “IDF – Israel Dance Flash” training seminar was held at the Jewish Cultural Center Beit-Dan in the city of Kharkov, Maccabi Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Women’s Jewish Organization “Project Kesher” organized the seminar jointly within the framework of the “Best Practices” project. The project is supported by the UJA-Federation of NY, the Genesis Philanthropy Group, the JDC, the Jewish Agency and the CAF Charity Foundation Aid Fund.23172388_1172533486211419_8586803283613996286_n

More than 35 participants from Kharkov, Poltava and Sumy took part in the training seminar. The leader of the dance ensemble “Maayan” acquainted all the participants with the world of Israeli dance. Dance is the soul. Dance is a prayer that can be seen. Dance is a bright manifestation of the creative power of life. Dance is a powerful tool for self-discovery accessible to everyone. And if they ask: “What if a person does not know how to dance?”, I want to answer with a saying: “23172388_1172533486211419_8586803283613996286_n

If you can speak, you can sing, if you can walk, you can dance!” We invite everyone, regardless of how much you know how to dance, we invite you to join us, and enter our dance circle!


We are pleased to announce that on 15th  October , the All-Ukrainian Forum “SPORT FOR UNION AND DIVERSITY” will take place in Kiev within the framework of the international initiative # FootballPeople action weeks under the umbrella and  support of Fare Network incooperation with  All-Ukrainian Association of Organizations “MAССABI” and the All-Ukrainian Women’s Jewish Organization “Project Kesher “.15-10-17 Форум Continue reading ALL-UKRAINIAN FORUM “SPORTS FOR UNION AND DIVERSITY”