Chanukah is a celebration of light

As always, the days of Chanukah in Maccabi Ukraine were eventful.

December 2, students of the Yakhad-Maccabi Jewish Sunday School in Zaporozhye lit the first Chanukah candle in a warm family atmosphere. Traditional sufganiyot on the table, dreidl game, Chanukah quiz, during which the participants recalled the history and traditions of the holiday of Chanukah.Ханука 1 (2)

December 5, fast chess championship took place. Twenty participants played nine rounds by the Swiss system, with a time control of 10 minutes per game plus 5 seconds per move. In the overall standings, the winner, as expected, was the favorite of the tournament, Mikhail Karas.Ханука 2 (2)

December 7, a football match was held between the teams of students of the Yahad-Mccabi school and the team of parents. The match ended with a draw of 7: 7.

December 9, representatives of Maccabi took part in festive events in Kiev. The Maccabim visited Brodsky’s synagogue; and had an exciting excursion in the Shalom-Aleichem Museum.

A visit to the synagogue in Podol, known as the synagogue of Rosenberg, included not only an acquaintance with the history of the synagogue, but also an exciting concert program. There was also an interesting meeting of activists with the regional director of “Nativ” in Ukraine and Moldova, Felix Gurvich.

Then they all went to the observation deck under the Arch of Friendship of Nations, where, in the presence of a large number of representatives from different regions of Ukraine, the eighth candle of the Big Chanukia, was lit by the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine, Moshe Reuven Asman. In the end of the holiday there was a big holiday concert.

May miracles be present in your life, and fun and joy will never leave your home! Peace, freedom, happiness and prosperity! Chag Chanukah Sameach!