Goodbye, Summer!

The last days of summer! Sea, sun, beautiful weather! Members of the Jewish communities of Zaporozhye, Melitopol and Berdyansk gathered in a warm family atmosphere for a Shabbaton under the title “From the spiritual to the physical.”P1010246 (2)

Each of the participants was able to feel the unity with millions of Jewish families around the world who also, like us, lit the Shabbat candles, and offered their prayers with the request of peace and kindness for their loved ones.2 (2)

During these three days, both adults and children were able to learn a lot about the traditions of our people and about themselves. The days were filled not only with master classes and workshops, but also with joy and good mood, and activities promoting health. The activists of Maccabi Ukraine organized a “Maccabiah”, on the beach; they have focused on simple sports games and competitions – obstacle relay, badminton, tug of war and more. Fathers demonstrated their skills in jumping rope, children showed tenacity and desire to win, mothers actively supported their children and did not remain on the sidelines in sports. It was a lot of fun.3 (2)

The Shabbaton was attended by Israel’s handball champion Oleg Dyakov; he told the participants about the sports achievements in Israel, and about the Maccabi Movement.

This project was a perfect finishing chord of the 2016 summer program that was made possible by the support of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF).

Victoria Lubinetskaya