Hanukkah Table Tennis Tournament

The traditional table tennis tournament took place in Kharkov December 27-29, 2014. The tournament was organized by Maccabi Kharkov, with the support of the regional federation.10-12-`14 Kharkov

The tournament, as always, will be conducted in several stages by age groups. Masters were the first to compete. Despite the fact that the tournament this year involved considerable difficulties (cuts of electric power, funding issues caused by a significant rise in prices, etc.), the organizers headed by the President of Maccabi Kharkov, Leonid Fatalevich and the Chairman of the Federation, Evgeny Mashtakov, managed to overcome them successfully. Thanks to the clear plan of competitions and other events, the tournament managed not only to maintain but even increase the number of participants, which reached about 50 people in the older age categories. Overall, the tournament was the decoration of the last days of Hanukkah. The next stage of the tournament for children, youth and high-level athletes will be held during the spring holidays.