International Mitzvah Day

On November 15, the All-Ukrainian Association of Maccabi Organizations for the first time took part in the International Mitzvah Day.

This project is based on Jewish values: tikkun olam, gmilut hasadim and tzedek. Good deeds are imbedded in the Jewish way of life, when people selflessly give their time and themselves.MyCollages.jpg Kharkiv

MyCollages.jpg Odessa ЗапорожьеOn this Day, we unite with the whole World in an effort to do something good for other people. Keeping the mitzvah commandment, on this day, we become volunteers in order to make our world more kind.

Cultural and sports clubs “Maccabi” from such cities as Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Odessa took part in the Mitzvah Day.

In Kharkov, they cleaned up the garbage in the park and made the city cleaner.

Maccabists planted oaks in Zaporozhye.

In Odessa, the Maccabists, together with the Religious Community “Shirat Ha-Yam”, took part in collecting gifts for children undergoing treatment at the oncological center. This is an example of the spread of the light of kindness. And it is very important that in this difficult time, Jewish organizations of Ukraine unite with other Jewish organizations of the world on Mitzvah Day.