Leonid Broitman became World Champion in Kiting

In the Chinese city of Veifang, the 14th World Kite-Flying Championship was held, and in Beijing – the 35th World Kite Festival. The Ukrainian team won Gold medals for the best kite. Among the awardees was a member of the Jewish community of Kamensky, Chairman of the Kamensky Union of Journalists, active member of the Maccabi Dnepro, Leonid Broitman.2018-05-22

Head of the Ukrainian team, Pavel Shmulevich (Kherson), is the Head of the Association of Kites of Ukraine. Seven kites were shown at the festival and championship – they were very beautiful and unique in their constructions.

Maccabi Ukraine congratulates the champions and wishes them further success in their diverse activities!

Kiteboarding or kiting is a kind of sport, the basis of which is the movement under the influence of the traction force developed by a kite holding and controlled by an athlete.