Dear Chaverim,

A year has passed and in a few days, we will be seated at the Seder table, with our family and friends, telling the story of the exodus from Egypt and how twelve nomad tribes had been molded into one people – the Jewish People. It was more than 3000 years ago and yet every Jew in the world knows the story of this exodus and we all read it in the Haggadah every year.

As I said last year, That is the essence of the Jewish people: to keep the memory alive in order to build our future!

In the last 12 months the World has unfortunately not become a better place. Anti-Semitism is rising all over the world in an alarming pace. The horrific events earlier this year in Paris and in Copenhagen as well as in Bruxelles last year are only extreme examples of the trend, anti-Semitism is growing everywhere and political leaders do not seem to understand this phenomenon. Especially alarming is the fact that anti-Semitism is so rooted in the Arab and Islamic world.

On March 17th the Israeli people elected a new Knesset. I wish the new Government lots of success in their tough endeavor to develop the Israeli society as well as making sure that the security of the Israeli people will not be compromised! Let us also hope that we all can contribute to our local societies with efforts reducing Anti-Semitism in particular and racism in general.

I am glad to report that MWU leaders around the world are preparing themselves to continue their work and commitment in Jewish-Zionist action and education at their next meeting – the MWU Plenary Congress in May.

I send my greetings to Maccabi leaders and members all over the world for their devotion and contribution towards the goals of Maccabi World Union. The challenges keep on growing: How to strengthen the Jewish identity and connection to the State of Israel in the hearts and minds of the Diaspora Jewry. Maccabi response to these challenges are clear: More tournaments for the athletes, more training for our leaders, more youth activities of different kind, more Israel experiences for all ages and more memorable events – like the European Maccabi Games in Berlin this coming July and Pan-American Maccabi Games in Chile in December 2015.

Freedom gives us the responsibility of choosing; of creating and taking opportunities, and rejecting and transforming challenges and difficulties. Let’s choose for this Pessach to continue developing and strengthening our Maccabi Organizations worldwide to free the Jewish people of assimilation, of indifference towards our past and heritage, of alienation of our values and our National self in Medinat Israel.

Chag Pessach Sameach & Chazak ve’ematz !

 Leo-Dan Bensky


Maccabi World Union.