Representatives of the Yahad-Maccabi School at an international children’s conference in Poland

October 27 – November 1, 2019 several students of the Zaporozhye Jewish Sunday School “Yahad-Maccabi” took part in the international game conference in Warsaw with the Resource Center for Jewish Education and the Olympics “Erudaika.” The participants could socialize, take part in various  daily sessions and intellectual games. This was a great opportunity for teens to get to know each other, change their type of activity, and learn new forms of training.vm

The program also included a meeting with the Jewish community of Warsaw, tours of Jewish Warsaw and visit to POLIN Museum. The children were able to see a fragment of the wall surrounding the Warsaw ghetto, touch history, learn more about the identity of Janusz Korczak, and hear the stories of real Righteous People of the World who saved Jews during World War II.

Thanks to “Erudaika” for the opportunity to touch the history and culture of the Jewish people!