Fun Run

The popularity of “MACCABI FUN RUN” in Ukraine is growing

June 2, 2019 a Fun Run event took place in Zaporozhye for the 3rd time in a row, it has already become a tradition!Запорожье

At the start of the race, where the participants gathered, the atmosphere of celebration and fun was felt. Dance warm-up under the guidance of experienced coaches, which was attended by both children and adults, added to the atmosphere. All the participants could choose a feasible distance for themselves. This year, for the first time, people with disabilities took part in the race. This is one of the achievements that one  can be proud of. Many participants ran with their children. The program also included a children’s race, and Nordic walking. The races were held in the picturesque Zaporozhye Park “Dubovaya Roscha”

 Ð—апорожье 1

At the end of the holiday, the organizers held a lottery and awarded gifts and prizes to all participants.