Support Maccabi Ukraine!

For over 20 years Maccabi Ukraine carries out extensive work in the field of informal Jewish education , culture and sports. The organization aims to improve the quality of life as members of the Jewish community in Ukraine , as well as other citizens , regardless of their nationality .

Maccabi Ukraine unites more than three million active members , representing all regions of the country. Our organizations work in most regions of Ukraine.

We are grateful to the leadership of the World Union , and the European Confederation of Maccabi , United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Jewish Congress for their interest in Maccabi organization, for their continued support and assistance. We thank those who provided moral and material support for our organization in achieving the goals and objectives of the Maccabi Movement.

Unfortunately, our country facing a very difficult times. So-called hybrid war launched against Ukraine. The country is in dire economic straits .

Under these conditions, Maccabi Ukraine has no funding for ongoing operations and further activities of the organization are extremely problematic.

Civilized countries , and primarily the United States , European Union, Australia, Canada, Ukraine provided substantial economic and financial assistance to Ukraine.

At this dramatic time we appeal to all those who share our ideals of our organization to provide possible financial assistance and support..