Ukrainian Association of Maccabi

Ukrainian Association of Maccabi (Maccabi Ukraine ) acts as a recognized social organization of the country since 1993.

Ukrainian Association of Maccabi is a non -governmental organization , and entered in the Register of non-profit organizations of Ukraine.

Maccabi Ukraine has the status of territorial organization (TO) exclusively represents Ukraine at the World Union (MWU) and the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC) .

Purpose of the Association is to improve the spiritual and social life , promoting physical culture and sports, Jewish education and culture among the Jewish population of Ukraine and the general public through Maccabi movement in Ukraine.

The Association is an alliance of non-governmental organizations whose activities are carried out in the field of Jewish education , culture and sport, forming and strengthening community life .

The Association’s activities extend to the whole of Ukraine and through regional organizations or directly .
Association and its members belong to the United Jewish Community of Ukraine.

Maccabi organization operates in most regions of Ukraine and has a membership of about three thousand members. Regular competitions , seminars and other cultural and sports activities take place. Age of participants  vary from children to the elderly .

All activities are carried out with the assistance and methodological support of the Association . Local organizations receive from the Association necessary methodological and material assistance , guidance materials, supporting attributes and sportswear .

Association conducts various activities such as all ukrainian competitions , workshops, recreational and sports camps, completes the team and ensures the participation of delegations in the Maccabi Games and other events under the auspices of the MWU and EMC.

All events held under the auspices of the Maccabi Ukraine , accompanied by the study of Hebrew , Jewish history , culture and traditions . This activity is carried out in close cooperation with representatives of the Jewish international organizations , the Israeli cultural and community centers .

Regular meetings for Jewish youth with sports veterans,  olympic champions , world and Europe champions. Actively running sports veterans club .

Ukrainian Association performs activities according to plan approved by the board, and is funded by charitable contributions from organizations, foundations and individuals .

President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Maccabi Organizations is Mark Belostotsky.
Current management of the Maccabi Ukraine carries out the Board of 5 members . Chairman of the Board – Viktoriya Dyakova.